Milan Design Week 2010 – LIGHT.FORM

Light Form, Designed by Francesca Rogers in cooperation with Daniele Gualeni Design Studio for ILIDE – Italian Light Design.
A structure of warm and soft light, clasped in a double-color wood.
Is the same user that “creates” the desired light size, by manipulating the object and revealing game of light, shapes, contrasts.

Light-Form is a modular lighting system consisting on a variable number of identical modules, completely dependent on each other, linked toghether to create a dynamic mosaic that interacts with the user who can create the desired light size, by manipulating the object and revealing game of light, shapes and contrasts. As the person start opening, the light is unveiled through bright emitting, or reflecting surfaces (one of the two), viceversa when the system closes the light is hidden.

This way the lighting system is integrated into the wall and the result is both a texture and a device. The possibility of completly reverse the colour of the surface, produce a timeless game: “creating” a pattern by manipulating the folding tiles of each modular panel at any time. By choosing the kind of material and the quantity/quality of light the user can custom his space in the more suitable way for the moment.

Where installed, the light is integrated in the existing construction material, and becomes a variation of it. The manipulation of the structure creates shades of different qualities.

The idea calls in mind the miners. Breaking away the dark material to obtain “precious” light.

The prototype of LIGHT-form, has been presented for the first time during last design week in Milan (14-19/04/2010). The product is awaking a considerable interest worldwide and will be available by December 2010.

Light-Form is made with an innovative technology of flexible wood (Italian patent), which will make the dark side of light-FORM in wenge wood and the withe side in European Maple. The modular panels can be combined in various ways (differen moduls will be available) adding to the game the emotion of natural wood and the purity of OLED light.

The product will be distributed by Italian company ILIDE (Italian Light Design), in 1mx1m modules with different configurations wich can be easly assembled to cover every surface. For information pls. contact directly the company ILIDE:

With this project as presentation, the company start the “ILIDE Design Contest 2010″, a Design Competition to find products and Designer for a new identity of the Italian Design.Light-Form is from 14th to 19th April at Word Join Center, Viale Achille Papa – 30, Milan (Italy). More informations about the ILIDE Design Contest on

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