A new light experience to enjoy and undestand the preciousness of the light and the value of its power.

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In the past when we went to the flour mills we could get dirty with the flour. It was easy to understand the connection between the power source and the results. Now we can use new power forms, but for us it is hard to perceive the value of these sources, because we don’t have an interaction with them and their functioning way.

During the day, the solar structure of ART.rainbow work to cumulate solar light energy inside of it.

There are all the fundamental light colors within the building. Inside of it you can experience the effect of rainbow walking. Choose your favorite color, change your skin light, enjoy the light in general and understand its nature. The position of the sun and the colors change during the day.

In the night ART.rainbow gives back the energy that it has accumulated during the day. You have a new rainbow outside the buiding and an innovatively illuminated site to make you feel new emotions and enjoy your night.

ART.rainbow stores the light and the color inside during the day and gives them back outside during the night.  Take the energy, use the energy and enjoy the energy in an intelligent way, that’s the only important concept to understand, the concept of a renewable energy source.

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5 Responses

  1. Trenton Nardi
    2 aprile 2010

    Superb site you did! I think you might be interested in our website!

    In difficult economic moments our community might help to find sustainable work

    Have a great day!

  2. Caroline Sinclair
    30 dicembre 2010

    Hello – is this just a concept, or is it available for sale, please?

  3. Daniele Gualeni
    30 dicembre 2010

    Concept at the moment. We are discussing the production with one no-profit organization, but we need to find a sponsor. If you are interest, please contact me via e-mail.

    Thank you

  4. Nadine Schmidt
    2 gennaio 2011

    I like your images. How did you visualize this projekt?

  5. Theresa
    3 agosto 2011

    Wonderful! Such a great combination of visual art, light and form- and the very best: the integration of solar energy! I just love it!

    When in Paris many years ago I had envisioned a similar 3-D project in glass (like stained glass) to span a multicolored artistic glass roof above the place of Centre Pompidou/Beaubourg: So that people can experience and feel art as colours and like a beautiful colorful artheaven above them (made like Chagalls windows in Reims)- being protected from the weather, but still not in a solid building. And underneath there can still take place all kinds of artistic and music performances and gatherings: Giving visual art a roof for performance art – thus bridging both and creating not only a background scene for them, but also an wide protective open tent-like atmosphere for everyone.

    But nowadays with these much lighter materials it is easier to realize. And your combination with solar energy: phantastic! – especially the round ball like shape I like much better! It would be a perfect contrast to the cubic form of Beaubourg:
    And there you probably find easier sponsors!
    Good luck for realisation!Theresa :-)

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... che il design crei una relazione, un contratto emozionale, un'esperienza. In sostanza il design è la promessa con cui le aziende si legano alle persone.